Information about Podengo Friends Summerevent 2021


The weekend of 29-30 May 2021, Podengo Friends Summer Event is organized at Gålö Havsbad, in a scenic environment by the sea. It will be a wonderful weekend for podengo friends where we will, among other things, offer various ”try on” activities for you and your dog. The weekend also includes an interesting lecture about primitive dogs, lunches, dinner, accommodation, friendship, joy and much more fun.

As a nice final on Sunday, we end with a show training where Agneta Kappers, who is an authorized FCI judge, holds an open assessment of the dogs who want to participate. We who help arrange the event are Podengo Friends, Krullets kennel, Eva Mittler and Irma Aalto.

Great fun if you want to be with us! It is important, however, that you read all the information here before you register.

We have rented parts of the area where we will, among other things, have various ”stations” with activities you can try with your podengo, such as track activity, balance exercise, etc. You decide which activities you want to try.
Sunday’s show training means that Agneta Kappers tells how it works and how the dogs are judged, an excellent opportunity also for you who have not exhibited your dog before.


Following requests that have come up in the Podengo Friends group, we have also arranged an interesting lecture. David Selin comes to the event and lectures to us for about 2 hours about the primitive dog. David has worked full time with dogs for many years and has a solid register with various dog assignments. He runs a dog training that, in addition to various courses, also arranges conferences on new dog research. He has also held the position of dog handler at the Swedish Animal Welfare Agency in connection with the regulatory project for the new L102. The breeds that have been found in David’s life and home are everything from American cocker spaniel to Canadian wolves.


You are warmly welcome to make your registration via the button at the bottom of this page. Registration is binding, but only after we have confirmed that you have been offered a place. Unfortunately, places are limited due to space in the premises and accommodation, and we will take the registrations in turn as they come in.


The 2-day event costs SEK 650 per person and includes all activities, the lecture, the open assessment, simpler lunch both days, dinner on Saturday night and more. Additional costs for the accommodation, vary depending on which option you choose.

The mentioned costs, however, presuppose that we get a sufficient number of participants together. Otherwise, we try to find a solution, but provide feedback for a discussion with those who signed up.


You only pay after you have been confirmed and received more information from us.


Location and accommodation
The event is held at Gålö Havsbad, a lovely place by the sea, just south of Stockholm. We will stay in the pets allowed cabins according to the following options: 2-bed cabin (single beds) with small kitchenette, shower and toilet in the service house next door. Or 4-bed (2 bedroom) caravan. We would like more people to be able to share a cabin / caravan for the accommodation to be enough. If you want to share accommodation with a certain person, it is important that you state who on your application, and that he or she has also registered / gets a place. For those of you who have a motorhome / caravan, we have also booked a number of places for it in the area.


The cost includes a light lunch on both days, for example a good sandwich and  coffe/tea/water, as well as dinner on Saturday night. You bring breakfast yourself, kitchenette with fridge is in the accommodation. Alternatively, there is a mini market in the area.


To think of!
According to Gålö Havsbad’s rules, dogs are unfortunately not allowed in the conference / dinner room. This means that your dog must be able to be alone in the cottage during the lecture, about 2 hours, and also during the meals.


More information
To you who are confirmed place, we will send out a little more detailed information about payment, accommodation, etc.


Ad package for breeders and more
During the summer event, there is an opportunity for your kennel, or your company, to be seen a little extra, we will present our sponsors in several ways. Below you can see which options you can choose if you want to advertise and thus sponsor a great weekend for podengo friends. Of course, the sponsorship is open to anyone who wants to contribute, both kennels, companies and individuals.


Ad Package no 1:

Mention on the sponsor page + your full-page ad in Podengo Friends Webmagasin

Log / Kennel name / Company name / Name in the event program that is distributed

Log / Kennel name / Company name / Name of signs in the event area


Price: SEK 900

If you want help making your full-page ad, we will arrange it completely free of charge.


Advertising package no 2:

Log / Kennel name / Company name / Name as a simple line in the magazine.


You sponsor the event with any amount, however, at least SEK 300.



You who want to advertise / sponsor are warmly welcome to send a small email to:



You are very welcome to sign up for Podengo Friends Summer Event 2021!



Apply for the event here